Media / Recordings

Below is a list of recordings made at the conference (click on the title):

Comics, Digital Platforms and Multimodality

Patrick Johnston (Sussex): “Going Digital: Chris Ware’s Touch Sensitive (click title for slides)
Aaron Kashtan (Georgia Tech): “The Digital Materialities of Building Stories”
Ernesto Priego (City University, London): “Zombie Media: Comics as Technologies of Multimodality”

Chair: David N. Wright

Special Forum: Comics, Digital Culture and the Future of the Humanities

    Ernesto Priego (City University of London, Editor of The Comics Grid)
    Roger Whitson (Washington State University)
    David N. Wright (Douglas College)
    Aaron Kashtan (Georgia Tech)

Chair: Peter Wilkins

Seminar / Teach-in: Multimodality in Comics Teaching and Scholarship

Special Forum: Comics, Art and Training

    Peter Wilkins (Douglas College)
    David N. Wright (Douglas College)
    Cat Adler (Douglas College)
    Brenna Clarke Gray (Douglas College)